30 fov lock wtf

Playing without safe-mode, my fov is always limited to about 30 degrees. Set 180 nothing changes and because of this I can not use anti-Aim. And even turning off the anti-aim has to target opponents. Does anyone know how to return back fov 360 degrees that did not have to target and could use anti-Aim? Everyone I met using neverlose played with anti aim and without problems killed opponents, I can not do this

I am so confused its crazy, if u use p silent u should be ok to even use rapid with 180 fov. Ive made a config that is tested and proven to not lock your account 100% of the time here it is if u want

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try this conifg for premier and you are ok NeverLose.cc - Unique software with a lot of visual functions

was this in non prime or prime?