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This is my rage config for HvH & MM, this is made for aggressive playstyles. I guaranteed a high positive K/D. There will be Lifetime support and updates

Added a semi rage and legit cfg when you purchase my MM HvH cfg (DM me on discord to claim)

Latest Update: 06/04

Discord for support or any further questions you might have https://discord.gg/KDSVSE8Q2U

To contact me personally OrangeScent#3348

CFG: NeverLose.cc

(Possibly lua coming soon)

IF YOU BOUGHT MY HvH CFG YOU GET MY SEMI AND LEGIT CFG FOR FREE DM me on discord to Claim(Buy my HvH CFG you get them for free)

Semi NeverLose.cc

Legit NeverLose.cc


Their top players were skeet

3 players on their team rq when they could hit us

4v5 their tm rq


+rep rlly good cfg i definitely rec


fake comment

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+rep this cfg is p


-added self charms
-added grenade prediction

-Major Improvements to visuals

-Major improvements to alot of weapons

-all pistols

-Major aa improvements

its so p

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Pretty decent, I don’t have any pics because crashers but I was hanging in there way better than I expected for a .50 cnfg. Props to mango for workin on this, it’s decent +1 ggs

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P p p

CFG Update
-> Rework scout
-> Rework Auto
-> add more AA options
-> slight change to AA
-> Improved visuals (Stayed Aqua)

Rewrote the KEYBIND list to add anything I may have missed and to show the changes I made to the keybinds to make it more comfortable to the average HvH player

-> Added a semi rage and legit cfg when you purchase my MM HvH cfg

bumped dmed


  • rep this config I highly reccomond my boy orange makes the best configs in general that are effective for me I reccomondly highly
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Update coming soon

fixing some Visuals
reworking AA

Update 04/6

-> Reworked AA
-> Redid some Visuals and added visuals that didnt make it to the 06/4 update
-> reworked every weapon

-> Переделан AA
-> Переделаны некоторые визуальные эффекты и добавлены визуальные эффекты, которые не вошли в обновление 06/4
-> переработано каждое оружие

semi rage and legit cfgs are set up now dm me on discord to claim if you bought cfg

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Really good config for the price. Great visuals and good for aggressive playstyles. +rep 10/10

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