A Daily, Community Blog

Title kind of sums it up. I want different blogs & updates about their lives from different people. Everyday. Thanks for the participation!

An example of this would be:
Day x, Month y.
This, this and that happened.


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Thursday, April 2 2020

My dog ripped open my snorlax plush and i cried.

Monday, February 16th 2004

I was born.

Sunday, 5 April 2020
headache for 3 days lol

Sunday, April 5th 2020
Doin my maths homework, 2+2 = 4 quick maths

Playing Doom Eternal rn… Making a YT tutorial later+ a Apex cheat review

6th of April, 2020.
Trying to get my remote homework started, and listening to music.

Wednesday, April 8th
Bumped this thread for what reason?

sean traps