A review of this cheat so far

this hack is really not good so far. im constantly missing due to resolver and prediction so dont try to say its a config issue. not sure what to do from here


config issue


He’s right though, not gonna lie

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whos right

playstyle issue

its normal to miss lol every cheat miss i think u need to watch this 100 Days of HVH Day 8 getting coach - YouTube

For me it also misses too much.
this cheat always gives me headache

how is miss due to resolver and prediction a playstyle issue? if you miss its not a playstyle issue unless youre just bhopping everywhere

user issue

hahahaahaha 4 hours XD

it is indeed user issue,can tell that by your nickname

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since when is “Missed due to RESOLVER” a user issue?

:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

ive been missing due to resolver a lot aswell

i managed to reduce the amount of misses by actually just getting a better config but theres still a lot. ive been seeing mainly a pattern of “miss twice then rip head”

for me its mainly just resolver misses, a few pred errors or spread but its very rare. ill dominate for a couple games then end up missing everything. this cheat needs an update asap

missing due to resolver isnt config