Absolut Dogshit

I try this cheat cuz i wanna try hvh but its bullshit even with paid config nothing hits. then i try legit and played one game. lost it cuz legit is dogshit too. and then after the one game i got vac banned :DDDDDD u gyus are so funny and then admin talk to me like there is no refund for this deteced shit

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you’re retarded


First of all do you even know how the cheats works and vac??? And second of all your config is probably dogshit it takes time and i heard that neverlose wont be like earlier where you put random settings and it hits now you need to take some time to make a proper config and third of all dont buy popular configs or just don’t buy them

like ur uncle who f u last night?


yes i know how chet work and yes i know how vac works. tell me whats the point toi buy config then

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Buying confgis isn’t the best choice some configs will look in videos that it performances insanely good etc its a big chance that’s a lie and resolving isn’t like earlier mostly play around with headscale hitchance and other stuff i mostly do if i miss to much i decrease or increase the headscale or just start doing bullshit like random shit using override resolver and it starts shooting better

make your own config u braindead fucktard lol

no i quit this detected dogshit and stay at my other cheta :slight_smile: