Admin not responding to ticket

admin not responding to ticket, i tried saying about my problem and that i have a problem with my hwid even after reset cause bios update. and any admin just wont answer, i just want a hwid reset and i ve been waiting well over 24 hours for one ticket. if anyone can tell me what to do or any tips for faster response please let me know. Thank you

good luck with your ticket i have been trying to get hwid reset for 8 days now. They just wont give it to me even tho i have sent all proof i can and it is normal to take 24 hours for them to respond sometimes it can even be 48 hours

i have 12 days of my sub left do you think i ll be able to play again, i need a hwid reset i invested way too much money in this acc


Well NL staff just like any other person have shit to do IRL , dont expect them to sit there and monitor hwid requests 24/7. Me personally never had issues with long waiting times as theres no shady stuff happening with my account, i had only couple hwid requests in the past and not a single one took longer than 10h, now for those whos requesting resets often or something is suspicious about it im not really surprised that you have to wait longer than 24hrs. Since some mfkers do buy/sell accounts which might take some time to investigate

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Same here. Everything is fine never took me anylonger then a day

im trying to get my first hwid request and it has taken over a week now