Aimstep issue in casual when anti-aiming

When you have anti-aim and ragebot enabled in casual, the ragebot won’t flick up and shoot, it will just make your player jitter for some reason. It only shoots when I’m holding “E” to disable the anti-aim.

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Does it happen to you only in casual?

Yep indeed a bug, The cheat also auto stops but doesn’t actually shot.

im hvh boy sorry, i dont even know what aimstep does

the feature is needed though

okay :roll_eyes:

I mean don’t you think it will be useful also when I asked if it happens only in casual I meant it… As I am pretty sure I used it on death match without any issues previously or I might be mistaken with another cheat

Yeah it only happens in casual, or wherever aimstep is needed to not be banned.