What anime are u watching now?
I read manga Demon slayer now

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anime is ew

I really like tokyo ghoul I’m in season 2 on Netflix now
But I also watched hi score girl, it’s also a good anime on Netflix and the seven deadly sins and sword art online of course



hentai #1

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cough Weebs cough

Death Note

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anime is kinda wierd

Don’t reading/watching atm,but i have list of hundred readded isekais xD

tokyo ghoul>>>>

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Im currently watching the Beyblade Burst series

tower of god is pog and so is the webtoon

no anime plz :smiley:

Finished most anime already hehe.

Adult animation, of course. :relaxed:

Tower of God and Kaguya Season 2 hits p100

Anime pfp = god tier hvher