Any kind hearted person who can gift me 1 month sub

Guys I wanna try NL for once in my life … any kind hearted person who can give me Sub for 1 month … I am a cfg maker

one real reason why you cant buy it and ill think about that

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I was gonna say no but… he’s a config maker. How can I refuse that.

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I can’t buy it because I am student my parents don’t give enough pocket money. I am collecting my pocket money to buy but it will take a lot of time. I really love NL . I always watch people’s stream when they play with NL … but yeah Bad luck for me I can’t buy it cause I don’t work right now and parents don’t give me enough money to buy.

yeah … bro right now I am using a free cheat but it’s spoiling my system, If I lose my system It’ll take 1 year to buy a new pc… :smiley: sad but true

kinda sad, sorry, 20 euro its to expensive, maybe if a week option was possible

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yeah I know bro 20 euro is kinda expensive let’s hope if I can arrange money

I want to try NL because I love this cheat <3

How old are u?

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brother I am 19 years old and I am from india. You can imagine parents here won’t give such amount to their kids.

may be some person will help me someday … and I will help him back to whever I can

:slight_smile: thanks for your reply brothers

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Lets hope a week option will be possible!

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yeah brother … I am also hoping for that

or if anyone can invite me?

What do you mean invite?

does it work now?

Neverlose is open right now

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