Any scary experiences that happened to you?

Have you had something scary happen to your life? It doesn’t have to be paranormal.
I’ll share mine:
So a while back(maybe ~13 ish?) I was home alone in my house bc my sister and dad were at work and my mom went for a walk. I was reading some books I had at home(I didn’t have an electrical device then). My backdoor has a lock that is fairly weak and one above it that was strong. I didn’t use the strong one, but I did the weak one. I hear someone break in and it scared the hell out of me. I looked down my hallway(in my room atm), and there was someone there. Apparently they knew my parents or something and asked if they were home, I said “no” and he just casually left AFTER OPENING IT WHILE IT WAS STILL LOCKED! It was weak, but not that weak so the fact he just broke in like that meant he had a lot of strength and if he had bad intentions, he could’ve easily done something. After that I started to lock the top lock more because it was scary hearing a door open even when they’re supposed to be locked and no one is at your house.

TL;DR home alone when I was 13, a relative or friend of my parents broke through my backdoor because I had a weak lock that apparently the guy could just open with one hand. Scared me like hell.


Deffinitelly the scarest thing in my life was that i saw my 7 euros going out for aimjunkies subscribtion.


Absolutely terrifying :scream:

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when i got lost in vienna at night without phone

when me and 3 more friends of mine fight 12 22 yo guys when we were just 16 , and 5 of them went to hospital

When i was 13-14 i went for bed and lay on my face after seconds i grown up 10-12 cm i leave the bed for check whats happening and saw i have a boner.

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anlaki :slight_smile:

In brazil we usually are robbed, I think I got three times and besides living here and get used, I am usualy a scary person because of that(I think everbody is going to try stole me)

The most scariest experience that happened to me is some guy named “silencedasian” makes random useless posts destroying the forums.

my first bluescreen with aimware

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When I was 10. Someday I decide to sleep and in my “dream” my family just died and I gep ut scared…
So my mom open the door of my bedroom, and she was crying… She told me: “Ur grandpa died”. :V

for me, someone almost broke into my house :((
it was freakin horrifying