Anyone here know why animals dont talk?

Like fr

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cuz they cant.

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The larynx of animals is not adapted to human language so they cannot pronounce word btw some species can still be spoken to each other and have their own language

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They have their own languages. They need to be educated on english, like Stuart Little.


They do if you dont take ur meds :smirk:

the sky is red

roses are blue violets are red
they dont do that
because they dont care

i dont know what im saying

Lol wtf

wym. they do. I always talk to my doggo. we always have like those deep convos. its amazing

Cuz they stupid. Duh

They have their own way of communication but they can’t understand human language and they can’t speak it. Their brains are not as complex as human brains, but still complex. Even if they follow your command and do what you say its because they recognized the sound but don’t understand the words, and when they hear that they know that they (for example) have to sit.

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cuz not enough bwaincells