Asappi's HvH CFGS - FREE & PAID - THE HIGHEST RATED FREE CFG ON THE MARKET - Both CFGs newly reworked and updated! 👀

Paid CFG update release will be significantly delayed due to a lot of schoolwork. Apologies.

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Released small update for free cfg. :slight_smile:

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thanks for bump noob!!

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Free CFG update coming soon.

Free CFG updated!! :blue_heart:

I’m planning to push out another Free CFG update soon. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Updating the Free CFG tomorrow. It’s crazy af.

thanks for the update, been a long since i’ve used your config, enjoying it tho.

Great to see you again! I will be updating the CFG today. Stay tuned :grin:

The Free CFG update is now live! Enjoy! :blue_heart:

hello team

Working on some future updates :wink:

Paid CFG updated! It’s a complete rework. I hope you’ll all enjoy it! There’s much more to come soon, so stay tuned! :blue_heart:

Thank you for 20k downloads! :blue_heart:

It’s the beginning of a new era! :eyes:

Still don’t have CS2 access :rofl:

ok I’m in

maybe one of these days I’ll unfreeze my CS2 sub and make a cfg for ya’ll :thinking:

good stuff bro

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ty :))

28.02.2024 - 4 years with Neverlose