Attention - fake profit$


Someone copied the Profit$ server

their server:

our server:

Make sure you join the REAL Profit$ to avoid anything possibly malicious that this server is doing

The image above is an example of the fake Profit$ Server

Not only that, if you do a quick ip-check on the fake server you’ll see the location is in Texas which is in neither East or West coast of the United States

as well they are using spam tags, which we will never do in an attempt to gain players (real profits above, fake profits below)

And a quick look into this servers plugins (sm plugins) you’ll notice they have server side plugins that allow you to hit one bullet in the body, and register as a headshot. As well as godmode plugins

in conclusion:

this server is most likely a honeypot for ip addresses that will be sold, and is obviously malicious from a quick look into the plugins.

Have a nice day.