Bad optimization

cheat eats up fps pls improve

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i think thats a you problem i get 200+ fps with high settings

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i go from 300 to around 100

bad pc.
my fps has not changed since using NL

I go from 250 to around 90-110 very often, it deff needs to be optimized a bit better. I’ve got friends who are with mega rigs (good GPU + CPU) and still drop a shit ton of fps


worst optimized cheat out there, 30 fps when an enemy appears, no such thing with other hacks

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if you compare the optimization with other cheats you can def tell that it’s horrible on this cheat

Send your PC specs

i7 7700
gtx 1060

pc issue

1060 is ur issue ;D

csgo is a cpu based game?
and no my 1060 isn’t the issue.

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cfg issue then :man_shrugging:

it does destroy my fps often. running a ryzen 5600x and 3070 goes from 400 to 140 real quick.

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I’m surprised you could make a post while being this retarded

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fix pc

-90 fps, pc issue maybe :confused:

yes ofc i dont have fps drop :slight_smile:

im not suprised you cant understand sarcasm :rofl:

It obviously wasn’t sarcasm hahahahahahaha dumb idiot