🔥 | Best cfg for public | Agressive playstyle | Private setting chimera, chernobyl | K/D 6+| LAST UPD: 11/05/23

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Ever struggled on unmatched? do you feel like you can’t compete with all the top players? Well, I’ve created something affordable for you! Unlike all the YouTuber’s configs, my config is only 3.99 NLE and is set up for every weapon perfectly. My configuration provides you with all the necessary settings for the unsurpassed to give you the advanced technology you so deserve! and my 95% win-loss ratio on unmatched proves it!

I hope you guys have fun and enjoy this budget config - which competes with all the best cheats and players

private setting for lua - 🧪poisontech™

Wish you all the best of luck
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UPDATE 23/07/22!! :lady_beetle:

99%OFF. Bye or die!

give free and i’ll give a 5 star rating lol

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nice nice config G2H#5255

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