Best config by Chocolad (user) 🥇 for 0.01 NLE

Good day, Chocolate is in touch.
Now I want to present you my config on
This is one of the best cfg that I have made, hope you like it.
In my config settings: AWP, SCOUT, SCAR, PISTOLS.
If it’s not difficult for you to write your comments about my config, thanks.
With love, your Chocolate❤

Download - CONFIG


i’ll try it and i will come back with a review =D


came with the review after 40 mins, the config its ok, it needs some improvement but its good. Thanks!

Soon there will be an update!
Thanks for the feedback.

you stole the scout and visuals from Nightmare

and the auto

p scout thx for share ur config!

From his config, I took only visuals, I can not know his settings on the weapon.

its his weapon settings too though, including the scout

thank nightmare its his config

Hey, the config wasn’t found, you may want to fix that :c

[24/04/2020] UPDATED

I made the config completely from scratch, I think everyone will like this config!
Configured in the config: SCAR, SCAUT, AWP, DUALS,
Waiting for your feedback.

ill try it out

[06/05/2020] UPDATED

  • Impoved RageBot
  • Fully changed Visuals
  • Changes in Anti Aimbot

Get config

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норм апдейт ставлю лайк этому сникерсу :clown_face: :v:t2:

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чмок <3

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Please leave your feedback about the config :two_hearts:

Auto settings are actually pretty decent :call_me_hand: , but the scout is meh xd (just a small tip… dont use static pointscale on scout)

but the config is good! thank you for the work

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“Cfg not found” on main post

his subscription is over