Best song?

Whats the best song out there?

Fly me to the moon.


ocean maaaaaaan

killy - serenity

Touch off - uverworld

I really like the melody of swan dive by convolk

You could be happy from snow patrol ( I like sad songs cause I hate my life. )

Kuso Gvki - Cinannamon

very unknown artist but i think he makes the best shit

big sound!!

Blank Banshee - Teen Pregnancy

My favorite song from $NOT
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Mr. Blue Sky or Realer N Realer legit Always banging Tunes

I beat my dick like cosbys wife


That is also my favorite song :slight_smile:

yooo you got good taste :smile:

Skillet-Rise best mucis

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

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Depends on what ur into tbh like i can recommend some depending on what you like