Beware Of Valorant

Hey guys thought I would let everyone know that Valorants anti cheat installs a rootkit on your PC.

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Doesn’t matter, stop fearmonging. <— watch this

Once again, fearmonging.

How am i fearmonging i dont want a rootkit on my pc who knows what people can do with that

Thanks dude il have a look

i understand that u really like the game but dont you think its too much to have a program with the highest administrator perms launch whenever u launch windows and have it monitor ur PC even tho ur not playing the game or have the launcher closed?

Riot has tested their security with multiple major security companies (RiotArkem), I’m sure you can understand how though it may be risky, we shouldn’t care.

When installing any software, you should always choose the manual installation. This way, you avoid installing obscure programs that you don’t need. Perhaps you just didn’t notice the check mark in front of the rootkit because you installed the anti-cheat in a hurry.
Be careful, because this way you can download some dangerous viruses. I also have an anti-cheat, although I don’t need it anymore. I applied to to raise my rank in Valorant, and now no cheater can beat me in battle. I think only kids who can’t beat skill players in Valorant or any other game become these stupid cheaters.