Biggest Gambling Loses?

Never gambled, I am indeed a holy child.

my virginity


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Best gamble I’ve ever won


losses are for bitches

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buying aimware lifetime :smiley:

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Went from $0 to $400 on a csgo roulette and lost all $400 in one turn after getting told to withdraw by like 20 kids :stuck_out_tongue: Epic, I know.

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This happened to one of my brothers friends, he gambled his $70 knife to $1000 then lost it all in 1 go

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Ah I see, how was the five seconds?

I think most people started out with Aimware.

Don’t get greedy my child.


wym gambling i usually neverlose (;

Good one haha.

Went from 20$ to 55 and got an hydroponic ak which was mw, lost it all. The AK is now worth 300$ :slight_smile:

This is in 2015/2016

@Ringo Didn’t manage to land all the planes … :confused:
Figure out yourself

Does unboxing a M9 Fade Factory new count as gambling because I sold it and spent all the money on Elder Scrolls Online and haven’t played it since like 2017 :slight_smile:


I think because of csgo and rust, I am down at least 7k