Broken hack

the cheat literally dies when someone presses E its shooting under min dmg or missing pls fix


yo mamma lmao

interesting cfg issue maybe try this

try fixing ur cfg first thx. or post ur cfg here and ill tell u whats wrong

do u think they are gonna fix something? go back to ot the same way u went to nl when it went public.

User issua

my config is perfect btw stop dickriding cheat


fix ur iq


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Auto - The reason you miss is bcs ur body scale is on 90, you dont shoot bcs you are forcing safepoint
Scout - Meme settings

guys never mind this post i figured out why cheat was being so ass its cuz phantom yaw literally makes the cheat ass im a proud doomlua user now

scout setting are not meme its for my playstyle honestly destroying with scout

clearly javascript issue / movement issue

nah cfg issue