Cheat correction

fix the fucking correction wtf is this??? pred error is understandable but 95% of misses is correction?? does soufiw have a problem with making a better correction or something



correction is config issue, of course you have negative iq

correction is litteraly resolver miss you absolute fuxking retard


resolver and correction is different you fucking negative iq retard


Why am i reading this

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correction is resolver dickhead new comer

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are you retarded? If it was a resolver problem id be missing due to resolver, not correction??

people have 2k23 accounts and are way more known than you sadly hhh

resolver misses were renamed to correction lmao

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no because there are resolver misses and correction misses, it isnt the same

uhu and where are these resolver misses logged then? if its via a hit logger script then that means that the author has just renamed correction into resolver

let him talk that dog nn dont know anything about hvh ez cfg buyer

i get resolver misses and correction misses with the same luas ??

yeah your so known teneri09 stfu

well then that lua has an extra name for a correction miss which still means that a correction and resolver miss are the same fucking thing it just depends on what word people want to fucking use .
and if you still think that they are different then please do fucking tell us whats the difference in correction and resolver misses

ok but looking at the api it only provides these misses Available miss reasons: spread , correction , misprediction , prediction error , backtrack failure , damage rejection , unregistered shot , player death , death . please tell me where you see resolver?

if you want you can look for yourself Events - Neverlose
lau developers have the power to rename the miss to their own soo they can rename spread to anything for example if you miss due to spread but the lua can say like LOL MISS DUE TO SHIT CONFIG

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