Cheat is sleeping

Ok i go away for 2 days and the cheat starts acting like nixware no matter what settings no matter what the fuck do i do pred misses and resolver misses how do you manage to do that before my sub ran out this cheat was hella good the moment i buy it it starts performing like fucking nixware resolver missing every shot or not even shooting when it clearly shows it can hit backtrack is just not a thing on this cheat and it doesn’t change the cheat performance if i use luas or dont use luas who can explain me this bullshit without saying cfg issue


nl v2 >


old times were better when v2 was dominating everyone like crazy I hope we gonna get that same feeling on cs2 or in the future of the neverlose updates or something close to it


people still dont know how a cheat works smh.

  1. Its not only Neverlose issue that you miss a shot. there are many other factors that can lead to a miss.
  2. you dont have the same Enemys with the Same AA. Some People simply Have better AA and others dont
  3. Probably User/Config Issue. 98% of nl com cant make configs and blame the Cheat.

yea i understand that it can be a config issue but like come on like I miss everything no matter what and I even miss static fuckign aa more then anything and yes not same aa but still cheat is performing way worst when last time

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im hitting basically head only. It really sounds like a Config issue. DOnt buy/use free ones on the market. make your own

im trying to make my own and no matter what headscale or what I do doesn’t work im legit in a maze

show your settings. maybe ppl can help you. I Literally Rip heads off only so its really not the Cheat

well my friend gave me these settings
HitBoxes: H C S A L F
Multipoint: H C S L F
Head Scale: 82
Body Scale: 68
Hit Chance: 74
DT Hit Chance: 59
Min Dmg: 100
Body Aim: Prefer Disablers: Head safepoint
Force on Peek
Safe points: Prefer
Ensure Hitbox Safety: Legs, Feet

yea not a good one.

What should i improve any info would be helpful

make a new config.

or give me your discord, i can send you mine

heres mine NK#8056

75 100 75 35
no dt hc
that mine

drop cfg

sometimes i need to shoot manually… xDD imagine bro
clearly can shoot through the wall but he don’t want to shoot wtf? I put the crosshair exactly where is the enemy and shoot manually and after this he start to shoot (???)

min damg, hc /dormant issue