Comp games keep disconnecting upon joining

As title says, as soon as the queue pops and is accepted. After loading the game, it disconnects from the match and I have to restart neverlose to play (it works the second time, after reconnecting to the match) But it fails during the initial load up.

Super annoying, how to fix this?

Game crashes after casual game is over and next map is loading.

Try disabling all running luas.

How do I do that?

Go to scripts.

I don’t have anything there.

Update your drivers.

My computer and everything is totally up to date. Still disconnecting, re-installed Neverlose multiple times and does not fix.

Still not fixed.

Have you opened a Support Ticket?

i have the same problem, keeps disconnecting after the loading

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same here, buddy

Problem still is not fixed.

Recently, made a new account and tested it. I think it might be due to skins. I have gloves/knives/gun skins for everything.

I don’t use inventory in neverlose, these are real skins. I always D/C on my main, not my smurf.

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Yeah, same actually. It only happens on my main account where I have skins, knife and gloves. Works like a charm on every single one of my alt accounts.

A little update: I traded my skins, knife and gloves over to an alt account, and the cheat works perfectly fine on my main now. So my conclusion is that it’s definitely got something to do with having skins of your own.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure there is some kind of bug correlated to actual skins on the account that is trying to use Neverlose.

Further Update: The disconnect is so quick now that I am not able to connect to ANY game. It automatically disconnects me every single time, impossible to load in. Tried hundreds of times.

same issue