Competitive or Wingman? (HvH)

Do you prefer competitive HvH or wingman HvH ?

Me / wingman :grinning:


I prefer to play wingman. because you are competitive 5 people and everybody does not know how to play hvh. So if you enter wingman, you stay 2v1 at worst and you can get win :slight_smile:


As long as you play with friend in competitive is all fine otherwise i agree.


If you play with friends, most likely everyone will cheat and you will have a better chance of winning. but if you are one or two people I suggest you enter wingman.


Wingman ofc

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since i usually dont meet cheaters in mm i prefer wm

I prefer to play competitive, because more people are playing. Iโ€™m mostly playing wingman when I donโ€™t have much time.

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Do you prefer competitive HvH or wingman HvH ?

Me / HvH :slight_smile:

HvH :partying_face:

I prefer competitive HVH

If I queue with people that know how to cheat I will do competetive, if I just do solo queue, I do wingman because less people, less time, a quick 1v1/2v1/2v2 if anything just me legit cheating.

I like both. But I play more wingman than I play competitive

iโ€™ve always preferred wingman over compettive, because you can literally just queue with someone else and probably never get banned.

competetive ofc :smiley:

competitive HvH

I prefer comp HvH :slight_smile:

I prefer wingman


I prefer competitive hvh