Complete Review about Neverlose

Full review about the forum and its community, loader, the cheat itself, pros/cons of buying it.

:+1: Before purchasing Neverlose: You won’t have problems with payment methods. Neverlose bothered to add every payment method, worldwide as well as official resellers.
After purchasing: You will have access to a very complete and elegantly designed forum.

:-1: Some may experience some loader issues, some complain about cheat injection taking too long, or bugs. I experienced needing a VPN to run the loader, but that’s my computer’s fault. Other people have never had problems with the loader.
Unfortunately, I acquired the software during a time when the staff is overloaded, so the tickets are taking a long time to be answered and resolved, so this is a momentary negative point too.

:+1: The neverlose team seems to be active on cheat updates, so you probably won’t experience an outdated cheat. At any time you can give your suggestion in the forum if you notice that something is missing and if your tip is useful, it will probably be added. (It also needs to be approved and claimed by other users)

:+1: The market is quite complete. If you prefer to use someone else’s config (which I don’t recommend), there are thousands of configs available on the market. It also goes for the scripts, there are thousands of useful scripts that will improve your gameplay, obviously the best scripts are paid, but we also have great free scripts that compete with the paid ones. It’s worth remembering that if you haven’t found the perfect script you need, or don’t have the money to buy it, you can create your own, because Neverlose has a complete API document that helps you create your own script (It is necessary to have knowledge minimally basic in lua scripting to create a good one).

[!] If it’s your first time playing HvH/getting a premium cheat, maybe you’ll need help in the forum to answer questions about configuration problems/etc. like I had in the beginning. If so, don’t hesitate to ask in the forum. But, my tip, when creating your doubt thread, leave it complete with good information, avoid hate on cheat. This way you avoid comments like “cfg issue, player issue, get iq” etc. And if you do all that and you still don’t get the help you were hoping for, unfortunately the reason is that the community (both Neverlose/HvH) are harsh and unhelpful nowadays.

Inside the cheat:
:+1: You will see a beautiful and well-designed menu. 99.9% of things are where they should be, it’s well organized.
If you feel lost at first, the reason for this is that the software has a lot of functions, but soon you get used to it and learn where everything is.

:+1: The keybind system is the best yet 10/10. Very complete, you can customize your keybinds in the most complex way you want. Use and abuse the keybinds system, be creative, because it is amazing and complete, it will help you a lot for everything.

:+1: In-menu chat system, auto-save config, change menu color, search tool are all useful things you should use when trying out the software.

:+1: Visuals (and World, Inventory menus) in Neverlose are really good. Complete, amazing and beautiful. You can customize it in many ways, you won’t be disappointed about it.

I also liked the miscellaneous part, but some people would say that more stuff is missing. I have nothing to complain about, everything I need is there. But it’s up to you to make your own judgment about the Miscellaneous menu. Neutral point here because its my own judgment.

About Ragebot and Anti-Aim:
:+1: Overall, it performs well, it’s a true fact. Is it always going to hit? no. The reason? there are several factors. For example, some players are simply inexperienced in HvH and end up taking the hate out of the cheat. Others just don’t have very good ping (which is really important nowadays), and there are other factors as well. (If you are in a very difficult lobby it also counts), anyway.
What is true, is that if we consider a player who REALLY knows how to set up the cheat 100% well, and who knows how HvH works, has good movement, is smart, he will ALWAYS do well in HvH, Neverlose will be perfect for him, and (very) rarely have problems with miss. We have to consider that Neverlose’s Ragebot is the same for everyone, several people can play so well and comfortably with the cheat, so if you are someone who knows how to play HvH, knows how to create a good config, you will probably not have problems.

Anti aim will come in handy, but again, you’ll need to understand and know how to configure it. This means you don’t even need (at least at this moment) an antiaim script to make other players miss shots on you if you know how to set it up well. But, it’s true that Neverlose is currently a cheat where anti-aim is made better with scripts (as well as almost all other cheats), so there are two cases here: If you have money: Buy an anti-aim script, it really will be better. If you don’t have money: There are free anti-aim scripts too, but then it becomes one more reason why you miss shots on others and others don’t miss shots on you. It will only be a “small” disadvantage, as you can also overcome this if you are a smart, good and experienced HvH player. If you’re not, so the situation gets tough

I won’t talk about Legit Bot as I don’t have much experience using this section of the cheat.

Summary, Ragebot and Antiaim are good, but you’ll need to know how to use them. Cheat overall is good, also forum is good.

My final thought? Buy Neverlose.


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