💞 Config for Premier HvH/Semirage | ( 30132 ELO ~ top 3 world) | UPDATED FOR SAFE MODE | Only 0.85 NLE

:trophy: HvH Community/Premier Configuration: NeverLose.cc - Unique software with a lot of visual functions

› About config:
High-quality config that will change your gameplay for the better.
This configuration is designed specifically for Premier HvH/Semirage CS2. It includes all the best settings so that you can take first place in every game. When you purchase, you get regular updates and frequent improvements.

Config for Premier HvH on Valve servers.
Конфиг для Premier HvH на серверах Valve.

› Community server:
Discord: BloodStone
Config discord: Discord



  • Updated Visual
  • Rage function
  • Misc
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Update 14.12

your screenshots are all against legits and you’re saying it’s a “Premier HvH Config”?

People use Aimware, midnight and other cheat :confused:

Rapid Fire/NoSpread is fixed on Valve servers. You will always be in our hearts.
If you use NoSpread on official Valve servers, you will get VAC

Update 20.12.23

Update logs:

  • Improved settings due to the CS2 update.
  • Removed Instant Rapid Fire from the config.
  • Removed NoSpread from the config.

No Spread is undetected again!

Update log:

  • Reworked Rage settings for new meta
  • Reworked Full Visuals
  • Updated skins

Come buy



Update 05.01.24

  • Fixed for NoSpread
  • Scout / AWP / R8 settings improved to the fullest extent possible
  • Minor Visual changes made
  • Updated settings
  • Updated Visual
  • Fixed autostop
  • Added bait anti-aim
  • Updated for rage settings in mm with the removal of cheat restrictions (Safe mode)
  • Updated visual
  • Updated for latest cheat update
  • Updated ragebot settings
  • Added bind for rapid fire