Couldnt start services

Once i open the loader and load the cheat it just closes the cheat and says “Couldnt start services, please disable any anti-virus or anti-cheat softwares” even tho i have them all disabled and i even tried to restart pc and downloaded loader multiple times



Same Problem here

Disable core isolation


how you fixed?

Same Problem here

Please uninstall the latest Windows updates.
Then restart your computer and open your injector.
Finally, please enjoy your NL

Open your Settings App
Navigate to Windows Update
Press on Update History
Press on Uninstall Updates
Uninstall all Updates that were installed recently/in the last 2 days


tried it, some updated just re-appear after restart and it doesn’t change anything, I have my actual av off and core isolation is off

u on win10 or 11?

Alternative way than skittlez

Control Panel → Programs → View installed updates

“Uninstall all Updates that were installed recently/in the last 2 days”

im in win10 and turned off everything still dont work help me

Nobody can help you. Wait for an update.