Crashes while second game

Everytime i join another game my game crashes
If i inject and go in the first game its alright but the second game just makes my whole csgo crash which makes me have to restart my whole fucking pc because of this stupid cheat you can’t close csgo through task manager

Try to unload all luas and see if the problem presists.

What are we supposed to do?

It literally doesn’t matter if I post it here or in the ticket retard

Crashes seem to be mostly effected by these shitty luas who use these retarded verifications which I guess verifys every game and then crashes my game due to overload

The staff wont help you on the forum.

You’re calling me a retard when you don’t understand the concept of how the ticket system works.

Can you read?
I said, it doesn’t matter if I post it here or the tickets
Its a bug/problem zone
It literally does not matter