Cs vac ban

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they dont log or track harddrives not to my knowledge anyways u might be right i know dota does MBS and MACS but thats it. ive been hit in cs2 from other providers and im non spoofed on anything same harddrives just diff macs so who knows but still better safe then sorry there isnt a need to uninstall steam tho u just use revo uninstall to remove registry traces and thats it. also unlink the banned acc from ur steam saved accs :3 (late reply ik)

Revo uninstall will not help because of a few files in the Steam folder that you must delete during spoofing. However, I won’t go into detail about all of them. Therefore, he should just uninstall Steam. And yes, spoof is necessary in CS2. You can ask Blick (Midnight Coder/CEO) whether it’s true

does revo not hit all of them??? and idk ive never rlly spoofed on cs2 at all ive had a few bans w other providers like i said might depend on certain hardware they log but saying that idk what they log and i dont make cheats :rofl: so ur probably right i just used 2 b mod for some cod shit so thats all i really kno u feel me, ive spoken to other people about it in the past when cs2 first launched and they was saying hella shit now ppl saying new ac gonna be ai based shits crazy dawg