CSGO source leak

Do you guys think there will be much more new features in hvh, with this new leak

Yeah there will be skin changers who change your steam inventory

cheat providers will def find new exploits with the source code

Maybe they leaked the source intentionally cuz they bring out complete new source or some shit. That would be kinda funny thooo

its fake news monkeys theres only exploit for tf2

Bruh I can send u torrent download link but I’m not sure if it’s against the guidelines so prob I will not but u could look it up in the internet easily

someone is going to big boy jail for that leak thats for sure haha

Just asking
Can that actually happen? Lol

go to jail?

Ye that’s what I’m asking if it’s actually possible to send some1 to jail because of doing that lol

Yes it is absolutely something that can happen

What if that was some high quality leaker using a vpn in a vpn on a other pc using mstrc on another pc in a virtual box using vpn and hwid changer. Bro I don’t think someone would find that out / track it down. That prob was also some darkweeb user

Wtf am I writing

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oh yes, my guy just leaked Valves intellectual property… and it was done with malicious intent, to cause downtime to the company.

He’s fucked, they’re going to squeeze him for every single penny he has ahaha

Bruh wtf

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