Desert-Eagle HvH

What you think about Deagle on HvH?

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With dt its pretty good to use but my favorite is r8 anyway

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I think so too. In my opinion, r8 is much better than deagle on high range

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ye it is. and dt doesn’t always work perfectly

good gun

deagle is very good with instant death dt

deagle dt go mega brrrrr

Good with DT but I prefer R8

I’ve done 9k (8 headshots) once when there was bug so server didn’t gave me money, so i bought deagle. On low ranges its literally godlike, but high range like meh

Alright at most, Some times you can Straight up get 4K or 5K with it but mostly it’s just good for quick peeking. R8 and Duals are better in my opinion.

Using it is very funny when you dt :smiley:

I use deagle in hvh sometimes, depends on my playstyle but its good ye