Does FPS affect the resolver's performance?

I’m not sure is this asked before or not. I checked the forum but I didn’t found anything. So I thought I can ask it lol. As you see in the header my question is Does FPS affect the resolver’s performance of any cheat. I mean what happens if I get 100FPS, what happens if I get 300FPS.

I hope it’s not a dumb question. :smile:


not entirely that dumb of a question, seeing that I don’t have the cheat I’m going off of a limb here.

Most cheats besides skate (dont know if im allowed to say cheat names here) have hardcoded fps adaptations. But this is if you’re REALLY losing fps <20 so no. In this case im going to say 100 to 300 there is no difference in resolver performance. :slight_smile:

No it shouldn’t affect the resolver’s performance. It might affect the aimbots performance seeing as it has less frames to work with but you’d only see a difference in performance (with the aimbot). If you compared someone at 100 fps to someone at 10 fps. Also not a dumb question, its ok to be curious.


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Nope, unless youre using a cheat that has aimware v4’s performance. (10 fps)

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no it should not affect the performance in any way. The only problems that could happen is when your framerate is below the servers tickrate (64 in most cases)

resolver is never affected by the fps of the client or the tickrate of the server, the only thing that suffers as i listed above is the aimbot due to it having less data and frames to work with.

no i meant that he might not be able to throw nades correctly (cheat throws it on the ground because fps are less than server tickrate). Of course this is different for every cheat but ive experienced this myself. My bad, bad explanation

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Ye basically all of the above but i think ive Heard that according to what CPU you have the resolver might bei faster or slower but i dont think im right please correct me If i am wrong

nice one i hade that on my mind too :thinking:

Yes, with nades when the user has: low fps, high ping or high choke the aa doesn’t have enough time just disable itself so the user can throw the nade. Its the same for some other features in a cheat however the resolver is not effected by the fps of the client or the server’s tickrate. Only the aimbot itself is (The resolver relies on the performance of the aimbot. So if the aimbot is slacking then the resolver will be effected). Note: this is based upon my knowledge with cheats and how they work.

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