Doing dangerous stunts for Invites is a bad idea

Have you guys ever eaten sand?
A friend of mine ate a whole bowl of sand for a Skeet invite…

To anyone who wants to eat sand or paper,iron,stone,glass etc. - DONT’T!

Eating any of these things potentially leads to gastric pain and bleeding, Ingesting paint, could put a person at risk for contracting lead poisoning.

My point is, do not do stupid things for invites, your health is mroe important, plus your medical bills probably will end up costing more than the cheat subscription…

The reason I’m writing this (which I never thought would be something anyone would have to elaborate on), is the simple fact that in recent events, I’ve seen people do incerdibly stupid stuff for minor gain in our community.

Can you list any stupid things you’ve seen people in our community do for an invite or sub?



i asked aze if i sucked his dick would i get an skeet invite, he never answered me :frowning:

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I’m here for you mate, ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

injected high dosage heroin and took 5g meth for neverlose invite

look at where iam now


This actually happens, I’m done :rofl:

kids are just plain out retarded

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The ‘‘kid’’ in I gave as an example is a 24 year old young man…
If it was just the kids, it would’ve been better.

that’s even more sad at that age tho LOL

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idk why people do so much for a invte to a csgo cheat lmfao it really do be some kids lifes tho

Yeah ppl rly want invites

Its come that far that people on the internet need to tell you what’s bad its crazy I mean this stuff really happens like often it’s insane it baffles me how anyone with common sense would eat sand for an invite and it just came to me probably five kids in everyone’s HvH lifetime that called you a retarded nn probably drank piss for a skeet invite 100%.

and “plus your medical bills probably will end up costing more than the cheat subscription…” cringe you have no free health care lol

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Just go fake someone trying to kill himself (for example ur friend) in csgo and use otc. Tell everyone untill ur bignamer and ez invite to every cheat for you.