DT doesnt work on peeking enemy

Hello there,

I would like to ask you about the DT

It is working, but when i peek an enemy, it doesnt work.

Could you help please?

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Wingman or MM?

I don’t know what you mean, mine is working fine. Remember, you can’t use it on valve servers because of the tickbase limit

I dont use it on valve servers. I only play on hvh servers

Doubletap hitchance?

Tried 30-40-50-60

It is workin perfectly when im on t-ct spawn and just spamming my bullets.

Strange, any scripts?

Yeah i have a DT script its called NL Expansion or wtf

if you don’t use it, what is the result?

huh, do you have any clips of whats happening?

Now im testing it without the script.

Can the autostop fuck up the Doubletap or something?

autostop conditionals?


Force accuracy, predictive ignore fire

Can i have your config please, maybe it is a config issue or something.

How to fix issue:

  • Reinjecting
  • Not using any Luas/Scripts
  • Reloading CFG
  • Restarting PC
  • If none of above work, remake your cfg.


I found out the issue. While slowwalking the dt just dies idk why

But when i dont slowwalk, it works perfectly
Slowwalk: Accuracy