Error 6 /

just dropped hwid, after launch it gives error number 6, kernel module error
but I don’t have any anti-cheats, as well as antiviruses
and what is the reason, maybe, I just deleted all anti-cheats for a long time
and windows defender is disabled at all points completely

just wait, maybe the server is down or smt like that :expressionless:

i have same problem

i did everything like you and like they said but still didint work well just have to wait

i repeat prob the servers are down, isn’t hard to understand, just wait and don’t shit post, :expressionless:

yeah i thinked it could be something like that or cheat error but i know they will fix it

have you tried to turn off your anti-virus. I had this issue yesterday and this fixed it

if you a curios p.sys is what appears to connect to there servers so if your anti-virus blocks it you cant connect

anyway error, i tried it

it’s caused by vanguard as far as i know

you need to uninstall faceit ac

already uninstalled

never used vanguard

I fixxed it by uninstalling every anti cheat that i have on my PC (including Faceit Anticheat & Riot Vanguard) and when injecting neverlose disable every antivirus programm that you have beside windows defender.