First Impressions of NL (7/27)

I dont legit cheat

Ragebot: 10/10. Auto stop definitely isnt the cleanest out there though. The resolver easily rips heads with scout. The auto is really nice to use especially when it doesnt only go for body like the other cheats. I dont plan on using awps on this cheat so I’m not going to say anything. The R8 is very nice. I rip heads with ak very easily.

Visuals: 10/10. Not crowded, customizable, and most importantly easy to config.

Misc: 10/10 godlike fucking autostrafer

And I dont use luas besides the trails one

Config system: 10/10 I’ve had no problems and I didnt have to worry about overriding other cfgs due to it being autosave and cloud

Menu: 8/10. It’s very good besides the fact that some features are written strangely. Like auto jump should be auto bhop and I love how the health bars with columns are just called edgy lol.

Community: 10/10 Everyone worked very hard to create a nice, supporting community and trash talk is kept at a minimum.

Support: 10/10 almost as fast as onetaps but onetap has more mods/admins from different regions. Which I dont think neverlose does. I believe they only have EU timezoned staff.


I also bought nvl this morning. Well my experience is not as good as yours. Could you help me with scout cfgs like min dmg , hitchance, hitbox etc…

check the date posted ya melt

nice, my dumb. saw July and thought its just days ago xD. thanks mate