Fix resolver please! <3

Neverlose starts missing with every cfg! 95% off misses didn’t show on the logs!

Before i wrote this note to neverlose team, i tried on 4 different maps and 5-6 cfgs (all paid) (+3$ each) and they all miss for UNKNOWN reason

Neverlose please fix resolver


yes. Neverlose is missing so many shots in the last time. I switch from cfg to cfg and not hitting anything. Also in cfgs with only 5+

no thx i have my own i jus tested other cfgs!

i bought more than 5 cfgs yesterday and same miss hope u fix it

not happening to me, its either a user/cfg/playstyle issue (scout only btw)

iq issue

fix ur brain please! <3

cheat is just fine, iq/user issue

I think i found your issue!
It’s most likely you have an iq deficit, because if u didn’t knew , having an 100 euro cfg and an 100euro lua , that doesn t mean u have PERFECT JZ REZOLVER , no , ur just a rich kid that is garbage at hvh and blaming cheat not his bad playstyle like no cheat will be resolving 100% of the time perfectly, for me it worked really well . u are just handicapted and thats ok

resolver can´t fix low iq mate, didn´t have a single miss in the last 3 rounds

stop advertising ur shit THNX


if you still switching configs not made by yourself then its user issue guranteed

user issue

stop advertising your cfg, no one is not interested in you

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Yeah update the resolver

not user nl most of the pp have same issue


Hack is perfect

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it is nl issue

+1 .