For how long have you guys played HVH?

I have been playing since 2017


I have been playing since 2019. Good old days.

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yeah, when skeet was anal fucking everyone :smiley:

I never had skeet.


This year ( very late 2019 )


I’ve been cheating since 2015, when I was like 12. But I have been HvH’ing since November 2018, but not so seriously. I’ve been HvHing seriously since March 2019 so like a year now. Never had a official name tho.

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you are lucky that, you didn’t see the skeet god mode days :smiley:

newcomer fanboying me in game

Started a little bit after aimtux had the massive vac wave with pastes if i remember correctly

Fucking aimtux lmao, Didn’t they have no protection against VAC what so ever and just relayed on VAC not supporting Linux

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indeed vac was just not supported :rofl:

Yep I remember that now

Lol I used it also like 2017 when i first got into cheating , fun days

Imagine having Linux

Yeah, u still faking

ofc I am dude I am using a lua

January 2019 i started to HvH but i started legit cheating and semi rage in June 2018

Iam playing hvh active since 2015.

And i think if i put all the hours together, it will be more then 6.500hrs for sure - only hvh

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