For how long have you guys played HVH?

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2014, not csgo though. I’ve started hvhing in csgo since the end of 2015. You can find me on some old nospread 2016 photos.

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2013 csgo / 2014 started cheating :smiley:

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since 2019

I started with CS:GO in 2016 - legit. In 2017 I was using some free cheats like RipTide and other 3rd party programs like skin changer. Then in 2018 I played with some free cheats and pastes. In 2019 I finally bought onetap, aimware, then I got invited to Fatality and then into private legit cheat getrekt. Now I hope I will find someone with skeet invite, or ev0lve, cuz I’m getting bored playing hvh. xd Long story short, I play hvh for 2 years.

Почти 1 год

i hvhd 7 years ago back in mw2 on ps3

  1. I still remember using free pastes… Good old days.

newcomer uff ya $

2015 :cold_face:


Around a year now. Yup. Not being an nn anymore. :slight_smile:

Been cheating in csgo since 2015 (legit hacks in MM) but started HvHing in late 2018

First played in 2017, but only got engaged mid 2018