Gaming laptops

What is your opinion about gaming laptops? Do you think that GTX 1650 + I5-9300H + 8 GB RAM will be enought to play comfortably with NeverLose on HvH servers?


I would never buy a laptop again, but these specs should be good enough for your needs.


maybe i5 9xx + 2060 +ram 16

Honestly if you’re going to be gaming I don’t see the point of getting a laptop. There’s always a 70-100% markup on the price of all the parts and is just cheaper to build a PC.

That PC would work just fine i’d say, i don’t really like gaming laptops myself

16 RGB RAM would be better

I personally have a laptop myself. I feel as they are a waste of money and you can get way better specs for a cheaper price by building a desktop. Those specs would be fine for many games. But, if you are looking to play very modern games such as something like Half-Life: Alyx, you would want to upgrade your RAM to at least 16 GB which you can easily do by yourself (Half-Life: Alyx requires 12 GB of RAM as minimum, I used it as an example).

wow! i have i5 9400 and rtx 2060 and 15 gb ram xD

yeah this is enough to play.

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