🔥 Garbis's HvH Config for 2vs2 5vs5 and Community

:wave: Hello, my name is @garbis, and I’ve been playing hvh since 2017 and I am looking to sell my well-crafted config.

YOU will not REGRET buying this CONFIG, i am using neverlose for more than a year+, i know how to wrench this cheat flawlesly…

:tv: Check out my youtube by clicking here to see how my config performs.

If you are unable to purchase through the website, please contact me via discord (garbis#0422).

:sparkles: The configs I’m selling is the one I use on a daily basis; it isn’t god mode, so if you don’t understand how the cheat works or how to hvh, don’t buy.

:ballot_box_with_check: The config comes with:

  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • All weapons are set up.
  • Anti aim settings are well-configured (/ in-air / slow-walk / moving)
  • Exquisite visuals and weapon skins.

:gun: By clicking here you will be redirected to my configs market page where you can see more about my config. I have listed more clips of my config by my lovely customers!

Contact Discord: garbis#0422

:fire: After you’ve made your purchase, please DM me on discord to obtain access to the lua settings I use.

bump, updated my config + new vids

bumd updated + new vid to see a ’ gameplay ’ of my cfg


bumb posted the clip CSGO HVH | neverlose highlights #? experience after 6 months - YouTube + cfg update
[ best ]

bump posted a new clip

bump. video made public cfg discounted for 24h

bump, updated

bump, updated and more new vids : CSGO HVH | neverlose unmatched high quality highlights ft. sauron - YouTube

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CSGO HVH | awesome neverlose highlights. ft. sauron alpha - YouTube B






bump updated + new video CSGO HVH | unmatched highlights [insane] feat neverlose,sauron alpha - YouTube

BUMP, get fast sauron setts are lit :fire:

new clip CSGO HVH | premium neverlose / unmatched highlights | 99-100wr moments | feat. sauron alpha - YouTube