Сheat undetect at the moment?

a week ago I played with neverlose,and used exploits and was not banned right now without fake duck and exploits ban in 2-4 hours banned.

do u have proof that it is vacban or owerwatch ban

bruh look dont be mad
it could be competitive cooldown for few hours or days
its not a vac ban or overwatch ban because
NL Wasn’t detected untill the overwatch will comeback
because for now Overwatch is broken so you can semi raging in mm games without getting vacban or something else dont worry NL is safe but remmeber you should be play safe
there will be time that NL can be detected and you will got fucked up
so yeah be safe with the cheat and play legit sometimes without cheat


i dont mad .


Ok Thats good :smiley:

Neverlose will be undetected forever.
Be sure you’re not using pitch, crasher lua etc

so give?

Now I have ascended to the point where injection is cooled, VAC is not verifiable, I think I use Neverlose just to use rage, if pitch: Down doesn’t work then I probably won’t use Neverlose.

Or use pitch: Down and it cools down after just one game. I’m disappointed

Up to now, I have been continuously cooled by 28 accounts worldwide in one day, all of which are very safe accounts. The reason is that I played a game with Pitch: Down

pitch down on every cheat is detected