High Fakelag or Low fakelag or none at all?

The people that I play with tend to use high fake lag but honestly, I prefer low fake lag. Am I the only one that thinks that way or what?

Its completely preference and depends heavily on how you play. For a while i had 2 auto configs that I would swap between depending on how I was going to play that round.

From personal experience, high fakelag usually suited me more than low, but during the desync hvh era i’ve noticed that a more median/mid-tier fakelag value works decent for me, all though this is hard to say for sure because i’ve been using evolve quite a lot more recently because of its hideshots so I haven’t had time to mess around with fakelag for the past 1-2 months

Damn did you play aggressive or passive?

both, play with a brain.

The “aggressive” playstyle in desync hvh is just to peek whenever you’re at an advantage. Because of how random desync is and the fact that its super easy to get cucked by the game i’d recommend you play passive when you don’t think you have the advantage, but at the same time you should aggress when you do.

Hope you figure out good settings for yourself, good luck

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You too mate