Hove Allstar cfg - 5v5!


Here is my cfg play passive aggressive

Agressive awp peek once full body is out for you
Aggro scout peek once head is out

with auto play passive aggressive - peek if they are full body or below 80hp
i use dt hs and hitbox overide on 1 key for auto in this case ^

binds :
m5 - DT , Hitbox overide , Hideshots
m4 - autopeek
N - min dmg overide
Q - Invert key
shift - slow walk
alt - fake dake

Good luck i hope this suits your playstyle , if you play like me passive aggresive and smart this is best for you :smiley: ! <3

Updated :

Reworked auto
Reworked Visuals
Reworked scout to go for head more
Reworked anti aim


There is good ssg and awp in the config, but you need to work on scars and pistols.

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It says Config not found

i reworked auto and visuals last night and some other bits like safe points and dt -

went 32 - 11 , will upload shortly