How do you design v2

How do you like the design of v2 and what would you change as an administrator?

i do not have it but i much prefer the look of v2 over v1, it looks very nice :sunglasses:

Why not v1? What attracted you so much about v2?

it is easier to locate things in the menu and i just like the overall style and design they were going for, there looks to be a lot more customization and features with the menu aswell imo

Agree it looks like spirithack

yes, the design of spirthack is nice so im glad that they went with a very similar design to it

In fact, I like the v1 design more than the v2, but to each his own :slight_smile:

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To be completely honest v2 design is easier to understand (where things are) also they add theme changer witch is great not gonna lie.

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It’s right

looks very p