How is everyone's day?

Tell me about it :slight_smile:

It’s been a hella boring day,how was yours

My fatass is woke up after watching netflix in 2 am because some dude called me then found out that he had the wrong number, Pretty lit way to start the day. I went and made some coffee drank it while watching abit of YT. Then ate some breakfast, after I did that I got my fatass on the PC and started to play abit of HVH then it was around dinner time and yesterday my dad went and got some goat beef from a lynch that was yesterday, Pretty fresh, I ate it then came to play HvH then I looked at myself in the mirror realizing that I didn’t shave my beard for a month now because of the quarantine and I reaslly should do it soon, Afterwards went and got some candy then came back again on the pc and saw this post, And to end it all in a good anomaly Swedish meme…

Very nice day.


woke up today. and received a msg i got accepted to neverlose. now i have been waiting all day till a admin can resell me a sub with paypal. the rest of my day was pretty boring.

You trying to do with paypal right?

ye i am trying to get a sub with paypal since i dont have a visa or mastercard

Well if you had one you could transfer the funds into your CC and pay like that, ask ur parents or something then lol

very nice thanks

i might ask my parents. idk :smiley:

They don’t necessarily need to buy you a sub well if you have money on ur paypal u can transfer it to there bank and then they can buy you sub

thanks for informing me, didn’t know how it works!

yes i know.

Decent so far. I worked today and now I dont have anything to do cuz of corona.
The weather is pretty good but I cant do stuff with friend. I cant meet my girl and I am waiting for an answer to my application. soo hby

So boring on quarantine.
I have distance learning every day from 8.30 a.m. and it is so difficult to wake up in the morning.
I played in csgo in the afternoon. I wanted to play legit in mm, but enemies in opposite team played semi-rage.
Of course all my teammates played without cheats…
Fuck this game
That was the bad day

been good 5 days off for easter going to be nice and chilled

very good even though I lost my job

:frowning: dam

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just while this corona bs is going on ill get it back!
I got school anyway

pretty good tbh thank u <3

ight watching twitch streams for 3 days to get the beta get for valorant still waitng for it XD