How many of you got accepted?

Just wait c:

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Looks like half of this thread isn’t gonna get accepted, just be patient.

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accepted :sunglasses:




i got in like 2 months ago

Still awaiting

The key to success and getting accepted is by sitting on your desk and just waiting :slight_smile:

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rejected i hope i will have more luck the next time

rejected i will never get it even if there is another wave me apps are shit

rejected. thread closed.

just got denied ;(

still awaiting, I think i’ll get rejected…at least it will be some kind of peace knowing that I don’t have to log in every 5 mins to see if it’s finally closed.

Just got denied, thanks PAKETA.

Rip I still got no answer, but Pateka once closed my thread, bcs I didnt know, that its not allowed to talk abt apps. So I would just close the thread before the support does