How much money have you spent on cfg/Lua

arount 100$ for me, BIG RIP

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why would u buy a cfg, or even a lua?


none lol

Why buy it?

i wouldn’t ever recommend to buy a cfg or LUA. You can literally get the same settings by experimenting with the settings…just takes time.

  • i wouldn’t recommend to ever buy a cfg or Lua where they pretend to be “unhittable” or have “godmode AA”. especially when they have a knife out. biggest scam ever.

a “godlike” cfg doesn’t make you unhittable or anything near that. Especially in today’s DT Baim meta


I realized that after 100 dollers :smiley:


0$ cause I make configs myself!

i dont buy configs or luas


Big 0

I used to buy a shit ton of configs when I started hvhing, I bet I burned like 150 dollars on that shit. One good thing I got out of that was that I learned how to config, essentially using their config as a base and remembering good settings, etc.Later on I realized that your own configs are the best.

150 dollars to learn to cfg

2 bucks in 2018.

0 ;-;

400$ + -

nothing, I don’t buy configs, it’s stupid :rofl:
I sell configs, well I used to, not anymore, its pointless.

Some people just can’t make cfgs :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

i dont understand why and who would spend money on cfgs when there are bunch of leaked configs on such forums like redinvite and so goes on
and there are free configs that are much better

0€, create a config depending on your playstyle and that suits you + most of the cfg are leaked lol

I spent $4 on a config when I first started HvHing since then I haven’t spent anymore