How to get better Trust Level

how to get better Trust Level

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Don’t cheat

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i meant in this website

you don’t

Help other people’s, made good configs,/luas make media with Neverlose, and be a good and polite guy.


pretty sure he meant trust factor!

no clue if this is true or not, but there isn’t really an “official” way to get out of red trust but i’d assume commends, hours, reports, griefing reports, DC’ing, and just playing the game all take a part in trust.

be a good part of the community. stay active in the community. love everybody

Men, IQ 300

Engage a lot with the community

Wrong. There are many requirements that the stuff looks out for and promotes your trustlevel. the most common 1 on this website is “MEMBER” but the next is “REGULAR”. After “REGULAR” comes the last “achievable” one. It is said that in this Trustlevel you have acces to the Alpha version of the cheat, wich includes extra testing features. I hope this helps, and i didnt want to offend you in any way, with the prompt “Wrong” at the start <3

I found a nice article that explains this topic very good and surely helps you to understand the mechanics behind the TRUST-LEVEL system on this website.
It is said that this article and the things written apply to this website.

you don’t