How to reset hwid?

I flooded the computer with water and it broke, I bought a new one and I need to do a hwid reset but the support declined my attempt, what should I do?

Is the network environment the same?
Or you can contact customer

I didn’t buy this account from anyone, this is my account

nice account buyer gg, “flooded computer with water” sure bro

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should i show you my old computer? and I really doused it with water

Obviously bought your account you don’t just flood your computer with water and you should have the same ip and shit so if support denied you clearly you bought the acc they’re not dumb especially not amped he is BOSS

The first thing to do is return the account to the owner, and then he will reset the hvid himself.

but I am the owner I wrote that I broke the computer

but ur not. because they get your REAL ip and mac address the moment u connect to the site.